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Dancers in Schools
Since launching the program in 2004, Carolina Ballet has brought Dancers in Schools to over 60,000 children throughout North Carolina. This engaging, interactive presentation brings two professional Company dancers into the school setting for an hour-long "informance." Students will learn about what it takes to become a professional ballet dancer as well as about what a dancer's daily life is like. Students have the opportunity to learn about and practice some basic ballet movements, watch a short performance, and perform a short sequence of choreography. In addition, there is a focus on healthy living choices. Students will learn what dancers have to do in order to keep their bodies healthy, and how they can make healthy choices as well. They also learn about the work ethic and cooperation required to be successful in dance. Students will learn that dancers are artists, athletes, and actors all in one and gain a new appreciation for the art form of ballet.

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Carolina Ballet performs world-class professional ballet, entertaining and enlightening audiences in Raleigh, the Triangle region, North Carolina and beyond. The Ballet's repertoire is an eclectic mix of classical works, traditional story ballets, and new choreography by some of the world's most gifted choreographers. In addition, Carolina Ballet is committed to educating current and future audiences through programs for school children. We offer students the opportunity to attend educational matinees of performances as well as bring the arts into the schools through our programs Dancers in Schools, Moving Bodies Learning Minds, and Dance Integration Residencies. The Ballet has brought the arts to over 60,000 students during our history.

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