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Community Murals

Community Murals
During a typical residency workshop, the teaching artist will work closely with students to discuss issues related to their community. Students will become "civically engaged" by addressing the understanding and celebration of cultural diversity, socioeconomic concerns, conflict resolution, school pride, celebration of past or present histories, and the hopes for a productive and sustainable future. The outcome of these shared experiences will lead to either a community mural and/or site-specific project that will encompass relationship building for all those involved. This relationship building will not only promote a positive outlet for artistic expression concerning their school or community but arts integration strategies for classroom teachers, which will be part of every core group workshop. At a more personal level, I intend to promote self discovery and understanding, long-term arts integration strategies, and life-skills exercises in personal growth with and through the arts.

Artist Background

Tracy was raised in Japan, Germany, Holland, and throughout the United States. In the early 1990s, Tracy emerged as a community artist primarily working on large-scale murals, creative placemaking and urban intervention projects, which he has organized and completed throughout the United States. He is also an interdisciplinary artist, national teaching artist, and an award-winning cultural arts programmer, winning the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award in 2010. Tracy has collaborated and consulted with artist teams, schools, state, city and nonprofit arts organizations and correctional facilities throughout the United States. He is a roster teaching artist for State Art Councils of NV, UT, VA, AK,AL,TN, SD, and ND.

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