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Claymation in a Lunchbox

Claymation in a Lunchbox

Students become part of a small group as they design, script, sculpt and video record a claymation video centered around a content focus. Examples might include choosing a type of plant, animal and/or ecosystem, exploring a body system, retelling a fable, describing the geological history of the earth, or even as a means to illustrate their own story as they create an animate claymation video. 

Artist Background

Kim Silbaugh has been teaching kids to love learning since 1980. Loving the integration between the arts and the content areas and technology, she put the A in STEAM before anyone had ever heard of STEAM. Kim has presented at national conferences, received awards for excellence in education, as well as being a recipient of the Power of Art awarded by Robert Rauschenberg. She has been involved with the Kennedy Center teaching artist program, and participated in an internship in Ravenna Italy doing mosaics, and has been displayed in juried shows throughout the country. Kim offers several United Arts Council STEAM residences. 

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