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Clay for Students with Disabilities/Special Needs

Clay for Students with Disabilities/Special Needs
With teacher/caregiver input, we'll select hands-on projects to include every child to the fullest extent possible in a small group setting. We'll use multiple modalities (including modeling, electronic devices, videos) and UDL Guidelines to tailor programs to best serve each student and enrich his/her art experience. Children with touch aversions are gently encouraged to participate. We'll encourage students to stay on task, follow directions, make choices, practice fine motor skills. We can practice language and social skills by asking students to verbalize preferences and discuss their work. As appropriate, students can use tools to make patterns in clay, sculpt a themed project, or something of their choosing. We can integrate other content areas that align with Common Core and NC Essential Standards. Programs include Emotions; Animals; The Ocean; others addressing counting, shapes; or topics of interest to individual students.

Artist Background

Cindy Biles has been teaching clay sculpture to students of all ages and abilities (including those with special needs) for almost 20 years. With a background in biology and anthropology, she designs innovative age- and grade-appropriate programs that integrate across multiple content areas of the North Carolina curriculum, fulfill teachers' goals, and align with Common Core, NC Essential Standards and 21st Century Learning. She inspires students to work confidently, exceeding their own expectations, increasing their proficiency, and enriching their art and classroom experiences. Cindy is regularly invited to participate in national exhibits, and her award-winning work is in private collections across the U.S.

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