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Building Blocks of Music

Building Blocks of Music
Students will learn about four of the elements of music: tempo, dynamics, melody and rhythm. We also use puppets and stories to address character of musical heroes. Students are introduced to basic terms of each category. For tempo, they learn fast (allegro) and slow (largo) We demonstrate loud (forte) and soft (piano) and have student conductors and puppeteers guide their classmates, and the harpist, in performing a song using these concepts. "Melody" is explained using simple songs and showing how a tune can have different words. Students clap the rhythm of familiar pieces then use call-and- response to mirror rhythms on stage. Finally a student ensemble plays percussion instruments from around the world and leads others in a song about Martin Luther King. The students learn about the history of the harp from the hunter's bow and see an African harp. They learn how the harp works and how it makes music. Each student gets to play a harp as they exit the performance if desired.

Artist Background

Anita Burroughs-Price has been harpist with the North Carolina Symphony since 1986. She holds a Master of Music degree from Yale and a diploma from London's Royal College of Music. She teaches at Furman University and has taught at UNC and the SC Governor's School.She has performed throughout the southeast and in Europe. In addition to solo and orchestral concerts, she also brings soothing music to shelters, clinics and hospitals. Anita won the 1999 Raleigh Medal of Arts for her artistry and humanitarian service. Her CD "Healing Touch" won the 2006 Excellence in Media Silver Angel Award and has raised over $20,000 for NC charities fighting hunger. A devoted educator, she brings 25 years of joy and experience to the classroom and stage.

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