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Black Box Dance Theater Performance

Black Box Dance Theater Performance
A BBDT "school show" is quite an exciting event! BBDT Repertory work includes dances with themes ranging from pure athleticism, to Dr. Seuss's imagination, to celebration of cultural practices such as "Day of The Dead". For more mature audiences, subjects such as the cautionary tale of Sisyphus and a non-fiction account of wounded warrior/dancer, Alfredo Hurtado, keep students engaged and interested. Every performance has full audience participatory moments. Students will learn about the history of modern dance and how it is one of the only art forms created in America. They will learn about shapes and how to move them with different qualities. They will learn how to "dance" a written paragraph, the physics of lifting with ease, and how to interpret a story without any words at all! Once the dance making process has been "de-mystified", it opens the door for each student to develop their unique ideas and creatively respond to the show.

Artist Background

Black Box Dance Theater is a Raleigh-based company with expertise in making contemporary dances that are an engaging way to discover the world. Michelle Pearson, 20 year veteran with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, steps in as Artistic Curator and is joined by a diverse troupe (including a hip hop artist, a ballerina, an engineer, a former elementary school principal, and an Army Veteran/ Wounded Warrior) in bringing excellent dancing to the classroom and stage. Members of Black Box Dance have been making dances in schools for nearly 20 years and have proven to be a favorite with teachers and students alike.

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