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Amazing Birds

Amazing Birds

Discover how birds talk to us. They communicate with their size, shape, color and body signals. Their behavior often reveals important clues about their feelings, thoughts and interests. Observe and listen to these amazing animals. If you are patient and respectful, they will show you many of their secrets. Learn about flight, feathers, special adaptations, food choices and more. With a puppet, live birds and true stories, this program is guaranteed to put a feather in your cap.

Artist Background

For over 30 years, Birdman Dave has captivated over a million people of all ages. As storyteller, author, bird-trainer and puppeteer, Birdman Dave blends art and nature with the beauty and flight of his live feathered friend. He has performed in museums, international festivals, schools, libraries, churches and public events throughout the East. His mission is to bring educational entertainment to expose and excite children about nature and art. He has done programs for special needs populations from prisoners to autistic children. Dave was a former elementary school teacher for many years before becoming a renowned educational entertainer.

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