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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
In this photography and prose writing workshop, students will take digital photographs and write 1,000 words about their individual photo(s). The program begins with the practice of photography, in which students follow their own inspiration, make their own choices, and use the editorial process to select a photo (or group of photos) that speaks to them. After students choose a photo or grouping that they wish to write about, they will create a 1,000 word prose piece about the image(s). Through file sharing and Google Docs, students will upload and save their work (if possible, assistance from a technology specialist is requested). Students will work collaboratively as a team to create a classroom art gallery where they display their photos and written work. Optional: students may create a gallery opening.

Artist Background

Megan Oteri is an educator with vision and purpose. Her forte is helping students find their unique voices, and unleashing the power of story within each child. She is no stranger to the classroom, having taught for 15 years a wide range of students from elementary through high school. Her writing and photography has appeared in national publications. Degrees and Training: BA - Special & Elementary Education; MA - English (Creative Writing); Certified NC teacher; Kennedy Center National Seminar for Teaching Artists; National Endowment for the Arts and NC Arts Council grants recipient, Borchardt Study Abroad Award (Surrey, England). Certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator; uses LEGO bricks in some of her programs. See website for portfolio.

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