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A Journey Through Rhythms: Percussion Workshop

A Journey Through Rhythms: Percussion Workshop
Through this workshop, multi-instrumentalist Alex Weiss teaches the evolution of musical rhythms from the African diaspora to the rich music of the Caribbean and the Americas. Styles presented include: South African Township music, Brazilian Samba, Colombian Cumbia, Mexican Mariachi, Caribbean Calypso and Swinging Jazz from the United States. Alex will orchestrate specific rhythms with the class and play traditional songs on the trumpet, wood flute or harmonica while students play a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments. This program also includes stories and poetry.

Artist Background

Since 1992, Alex Weiss & Different Drum have performed throughout the Carolinas, bringing their unique sound that bridges Africa and the Americas to schools, universities, multicultural festivals and communities. An award-winning composer and music educator since 1978, Alex received the Durham Arts Council's Emerging Artists Grant and the NC Arts Council's Artist Fellowship for songwriting. He has produced seven CDs featuring original compositions and unique instruments: dunun, djembe, shekere, congas, bongos, tambor, Latin American percussion, bass guitar, wood flutes, trumpet, saxophone and harmonica. Alex’s stories and Different Drum’s music reflect his travels throughout Mexico, Central America, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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