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'69 Seasons

'69 Seasons
With a book by Howard L. Craft and Music Direction by Kevin Wilson, '69 Seasons explores one of the most fascinating periods in America's history. Through music, comedy, tumult and visits with icons of the time, audiences experience how the events of 1969 and the late 1960's affected the lives of average Americans. From "The Ed Sullivan Show" to Woodstock, with a James Brown groove and a piece of Janis Joplin's heart, visit Richard Nixon's oval office and Charles Manson's jail cell. Deploy from the home front to Vietnam and back with a new understanding which puts "The Star Spangled Banner" in a whole new perspective. '69 Seasons turns, turns and turns leaving audiences with perspectives and memories that take them to the moon and back again.

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The nationally touring and award-winning production company of EbzB Productions' workshops can be applied to grades 3-12 upon request and with required joint planning with faculty. Endorsed by numerous state & local arts councils, EbzB has trained with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' Artists as Educators Program, and the Lincoln Center Institute's International Educator Program to conduct workshops in arts integration. EbzB Productions has established a solid reputation for its work with middle & high school classes to create historical narrative based on classroom oral history projects as well as specifically tailored residencies & workshops. Student workshops often are presented in tandem with scheduled performances.

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