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Rapunzel (recommended for grades K-5)
Our reimagined version of the classic tale takes on new life and a softer message in a beautifully adapted daughter that she builds her a tower, but eventually must learn how to let her go. Theme: Rapunzel focuses on the parent/child relationship as it tests the boundaries of love, trust, perseverance and independence.  
Spelling 2-5-5 (recommended for grades 3-8)
Simon is a terrific speller and has a chance to shine as a contestant on a televised spelling bee. Simon's brother, Jake, who has autism, unwittingly reveals he's also a gifted speller in a way that's uniquely his. Sibling rivalry takes center stage as Simon faces choices about his role as the protective big brother and his desire to gain celebrity status. Theme: Spelling 2-5-5 take a poignant look at bullying, inclusion, compassion and what it means to have empathy for others. 

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"Love the diversity of the show!" - Benton Heights Elem (Monroe, NC)

"Performance was seamless...captivating actors!" - Morris Grove Elem (Chapel Hill, NC)

"This was the best performance I have seen in my 24 years as a librarian." - Benhaven Elem (Sanford, NC)

"Amazing Show! Things were well organized and the time frame was just right too!" - Stallings Elem (Monroe, NC)

"Performers were exceptional and a joy to work with." - Jacksonville Arts Council

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