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United Arts Council

ULTRALIGHT 2 Call for Art

ULTRALIGHT 2 is an exhibition of artwork about disability, created by artists living with disabilities. VAE is offering a platform for artists who identify as living with disabilities to take back the narrative that is so often controlled by the medical field, media, and stereotypes. ULTRALIGHT 2 seeks to exhibit work that challenges the viewing public to leave their preconceived notions and sympathy at the door, and experience artwork that tells the real story of living disabilities and the current state of access. The exhibition breaks access into three parts: physical, communication, and attitude. We encourage artists to draw inspiration from these questions:

What physically creates a barrier to access?

How does communication prevent access?

How do attitudes surrounding disability prevent access?

What does celebrating life living with disabilities look like to you?

What do you wish more people knew about living with disabilities?

This exhibition is meant to empower people with disabilities who often feel left out of the contemporary art world. VAE is working to be a creative space where everyone feels welcome. If you have a comment, critique, or idea about how we could do a better job of that, please email Brandon or call 919.256.6856.

Ultralight 2 will be exhibited at United Arts Council


ULTRALIGHT 2 is a juried exhibition, open to artists who identify as having a disability. All work must fit through VAE’s 104″ x 71″ front door. Up to two entries per artist. Juried with JPEGs. No media restrictions. Entries must be received by 11:59 pm on April 3, 2018.


First - $300, Second - $200, Third - $100, (2) Merit Awards - $50.

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