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United Arts Council

Visual Art Exhibitions

Each year, the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County curates and sponsors 23 art exhibits in two locations: the Wake County Justice Center in downtown Raleigh and WakeMed Raleigh on New Bern Avenue. If you are interested in exhibiting your two-dimensional work in either location, contact Brandi Neuwirth at bneuwirth@unitedarts.org or (919) 839-1498, ext. 205.

New exhibits open:

WakeMed Raleigh, New Bern Campus
Paintings by Kimberlee Maselli
through December 8, 2017

"Sunrise Cove"  by Kimberlee Maselli

About the Artist: Kimberlee Maselli creates a diverse array of landscapes and contemporary abstracts in oils, acrylics and cold wax, using contrasts in form and color to underscore emotion in each piece. Her art reflects a wide range of moods, from light and playful to deep and mysterious. Kimberlee’s bold brushstrokes, palette knife texture and vibrant use of color leads the eye into her paintings and the viewer is invited to explore the subtle complexities and unfolding narrative.

Wake County Justice Center (2nd, 3rd and 4th floors)
Paintings by Katie Ree
Through February 8, 2018

"Mountains #14"
Katie Ree


About the Artist:   Katie Ree is originally from Asheville, NC and now resides in Durham, NC. She has lived, traveled, and created around the world. In 2017, she was an Artist-in-Residence at Hot Springs National Park. Currently she is working in watercolor, watermedia, and ink. Many of her paintings are started on location and finished in her studio. Her work is both a meditative experience and a way to capture that which is unseen. She is fascinated by the beauty of the world and the lines that connect us all. 

Artist Statement:   I am a wanderer, explorer, and experiencer of nature. I interpret the landscape around me and try to express the wonder and beauty I feel surrounded by. I currently work in and around the Durham, NC area and love the forests, rivers, streams, and creeks. I often start a painting on location and finish in my studio. My needs are minimal - some watercolors, a nice rock, sun if I’m lucky, paper, and ink.

My work is a deeply spiritual experience for me. I endeavor to capture not only what I see but that which is unseen. There are lines connecting us all and I try to share them. Each painting is both a meditative experience and a means to push myself to notice more. What colors are really in a sky, a field, a river, a mountain? What lines and spaces make up a tree? How do you express the gentle breeze, the whispering of trees, the sound of a peaceful sky? How do you be still and one with yourself and the world around you?

I hope to create images and objects that people want to live with. That speak to them as creating them has spoken to me. Most importantly, I hope to share my love of nature and landscapes. I hope to inspire others to look around more closely. To see the beauty we are surrounded by. My hope is that we can all come back to ourselves, our best selves, in nature.

Three paintings in this show were created during my Artist-in-Residency at Hot Springs National Park in the summer of 2017; they are Stonebridge Water Lily #1, Stonebridge Water Lily #2 and Gulpha Creek Rocks #1. My paintings have been exhibited and collected in public and private collections in the US and abroad.


United Arts Council has exhibition opportunities for visual artists in Raleigh and Wake County. Sign up here to submit your work!

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