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United Arts Council

Visual Art Exhibitions

Each year, the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County curates and sponsors 23 art exhibits in two locations: the Wake County Justice Center in downtown Raleigh and WakeMed Raleigh on New Bern Avenue. If you are interested in exhibiting your two-dimensional work in either location, contact Brandi Neuwirth at bneuwirth@unitedarts.org or (919) 839-1498, ext. 205.

New exhibits open:

WakeMed Raleigh, New Bern Campus
Paintings by Kenneth Proseus
through March 23rd

Missed Call Alpha by Kenneth Proseus

Letting go is a body of work that grapples with a paradoxical downsizing of sorts. Dubbed by the artist as “abstract essentialization,” this conceptual approach to painting is a reflective compilation of mentally engraved moments in time. Personal moments are rendered in their most conscientious form, from trauma to excruciating delight. These works are indelibly tied to the events that could never be forgotten, and have only begun to be forgiven. Heavily abstracted forms arrange moments that visually guide the viewer through the piece, serving as a visual foil to how the artist drudges through their own memories. Harsher brush strokes create visual moments of friction whilst color, chroma, and value are forged with the sharp articulation needed to convey the emotional richness tied to every hue.

In these myriad moments of tension, the artist lays bare what they hope to find within themself. I encourage those who view my work to approach it however they feel is correct for them (short of licking it). Dealing with such heavily abstracted subject matters, I find solace in knowing that a painting is just a painting, come of it what may.



Wake County Justice Center (2nd, 3rd and 4th floors)
Paintings by Mónica Linares
Paintings by Sally Sutton
Through April 27, 2017

Rootless by Mónica Linares

I paint because I LOVE it. I enjoy creating, I love colors, combinations, a challenge,
experimenting and making a space happier. I enjoy bringing JOY! So, that is what
you'll see in my paintings.
Born and raised in Venezuela, Mónica was always surrounded by paint and
brushes thanks to an artist father. With a background in advertising, she was
constantly in contact with design, and style; but it was not until when she formally
started her formation as a painter at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Her
painting education never stops as she continues learning and being inspired by
wonderful artists as Catherine Martin, Carol Marine, Maggie Siner, Patti Mollica,
Lisa Daria and Colley Whisson among many others. Mónica has a graphic style
and many have called her a colorist.



Sunflower Walk by Sally Sutton

I enjoy the challenge of capturing light and experimenting with rich and bright color combinations and contrasting them with deep shadows using lively brushstrokes creating movement and energy in my work.  I want my work to reflect what I feel about a place or subject and instill some sort of emotional response in the viewer.

Gardens have always held a fascination for me. As a child, my mother and I would spend hours tending roses, daisies and blue hydrangeas in our backyard, and I have had a recurring dream of wandering through an English-style garden with tall hedges and brilliant greens. My love of gardens also extends to the woods and pastures or any landscape that responds to my soul.

This collection includes a variety of subject matter.  Some of the paintings are part of my personal collection created over the years. I like to keep examples of my work when I move on or transition to new ways of painting or drawing.

410 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 170
Raleigh NC 27603

Phone: (919) 839-1498
Fax: (919) 839-6002