Work Samples

The grant peer review panel uses work samples to evaluate the artistic quality and community impact of the applicant's proposed program. Work samples must represent the applicant's work in the specific grant category to which the application is made and have taken place within the last several years.

Applicants in the following categories are required to submit at least one work sample with each application:

  • Arts for Municipalities
  • Cultural Access
  • Youth Arts

Applicants may submit up to two work samples with each application. For applicants who apply in two of these categories, submit relevant work sample(s) with each application.

Web links are preferred. If work samples are not available via a web link, then document, video, image or audio files may be uploaded to the application. Acceptable file types include pdf, doc, docx, jpg, mp3, zip, mov, xls, xlsx. If work samples are not available electronically, hard copies (DVD, CD, etc.) may be submitted to United Arts. Mailed items must be postmarked by the deadline.  Clearly label each work sample with the applicant name and the grant category.

Examples of work samples include:

  • Video excerpt of a class
  • Scholarship application
  • Photos of festival artists/attendees