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United Arts Survey: Nearly 90% of
Wake County Residents Believe Arts
and Cultural Organizations Contribute
Positively To Quality of Life
According to a recent survey by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, nearly 90% of respondents believe that arts and cultural organizations contribute in a positive way to the quality of life in Raleigh and Wake County. United Arts commissioned in November a 860 sample, random digit dial telephone survey of Wake County residents that was segmented by region.
The Importance of Arts and Culture
  • 86.2% of respondents believe that arts and cultural organizations make Raleigh and Wake County a more attractive place for businesses and individuals looking to relocate to the area. Only 11.2% of respondents said arts and cultural organizations made no difference to relocation.
  • On a scale of one to ten, respondents said the importance of arts, music, drama and dance education to children rated a very strong 8.35 in importance. When asked how important arts, music, drama or dance education was in helping children in academic subjects, respondents ranked the importance at 8.38. The lowest scores came from respondents aged 18-29. The highest scores came from respondents over the age of 65 years old. Women and African American respondents rated the importance of the arts among the highest.
Strong Support for Funding
  • 80.8% of respondents support providing some financial assistance to fund arts and cultural programs to enhance the quality of life. 51.3% of respondents STRONGLY support such funding.
  • 65.7% of respondents support requiring one percent of the cost of constructing a public building be used to enhance the building with public art. 24.6% of respondents oppose the one percent requirement.
Current Impressions of Arts and Culture Offerings
  • 51.6% of Wake County respondents said Raleigh was the top location in North Carolina for arts and culture. Raleigh’s strongest competition was Charlotte which came in at 14.5% and Asheville which came in at 9.9%.
  • 66% of respondents had been to some arts or cultural program in Wake County during the past year – with 40% attending two to five times during the past year.
  • When asked for their biggest barrier in attending more arts and cultural events, 43.5% responded that they simply lacked the time. Another 17.3% of respondents said the cost/expense was their largest barrier. The cost barrier was the top motivating factor for attending more arts and cultural events, with 33% of respondents saying a reduced price/cost would motivate them to attend more events. Twelve percent of respondents said more child-friendly/ family events would motivate them to participate more.
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