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Voices from the Titanic

Voices from the Titanic
This program immerses students in the world of 1912 through historical photographs, documents, costumes & props & engages students w/storytelling, music & poetry. Students participate and transform into Titanic passengers & crew. Even a ship rat & the iceberg come to life! With a 5' long Titanic model "puppet,"ť Wolf demonstrates how the ship was constructed, struck ice, broke in half & then sank. He addresses Titanic myths, facts & trivia & spends equal time addressing the ship's human cargo: the "richest"ť man in the world, "The Unsinkable Molly" Brown, a 9 year old boy, the ship's lookout, the sea postman, a group of 1st Class promenaders & 3rd Class passengers. Wolf approaches the iconic story of the Titanic as a poet & author, explaining how he came to be a writer & a lover of history & the process he uses to transform historical fact into his own unique brand of historical fiction. The presentation will show students how they can make history themselves through the power of words.

Artist Background

Author, poet, performer & educator Allan Wolf holds a Masters degree from VA Tech where he taught composition. He was Educational Director for Poetry Alive! & now works performing poetry for all ages, training teachers & students & writing books for youth. Conducting more than 100 programs each year, he's a veteran traveler through the diverse worlds of poetry w/literally 100s of original & classic poems committed to memory. Author of 8 books, his writing has earned many honors: School Library Journal Best Books, ALA Best Book & IRA Children's Book Award. His books have been selected by Scholastic Book Club, Scholastic Book Fair & Children's Book of the Month Club. Wolf was also a finalist for the SE Booksellers' Association Poetry Award.

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