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The program opens with exercises designed to get students on their feet and preparing them to think about and discuss a pre-selected subjects for elementary schools (bullying, personal voice, conflict resolution) and for middle schools (alcohol and substance abuse). Theatre4Change then performs a customized scene that builds on the discussion material related to poor decision making. Students then ask the characters why they made certain decisions and suggest better decisions. The scene is performed again with implementation of good decision making skills. The workshop closes with small group discussions on the subject matter and how the scenarios encountered, during the workshop, correlate with the group's personal experiences. Outcomes include recognizing and demonstrating the necessary skills for dealing with the undesirable behavior and changed attitudes around the topic. All materials align with NC Standard Competency Goals and are approved by WCPSS Director of Counseling.

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The North Carolina Theatre Conservatory is the flagship education program of the North Carolina Theatre. In addition to various classes for ages three to adult in acting, dance and voice, NCTC implements several curriculum-based programs in schools through the Stage2School program, including Theatre4Change and The Sound of Freedom. Since 2007, Theatre4Change has partnered with multiple Boys and Girls Clubs, Passage Home and the LINKS program; it was named the 2015 Partner of the Year from Amazing Grace Etiquette for work with at-risk youth. Since 2013, Theatre4Change has conducted over 500 workshops and reached over 9000 students in WCPSS. The Sound of Freedom uses a professional pianist and vocalist to conduct the assembly style program.

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