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The Art of Songwriting

The Art of Songwriting
Students will learn about the parts of a song and be able to identify them in popular hits. They will explore examples and play interactive digital games that teach them to write a verse or chorus using the Berklee PULSE Music Method online library. Matt Douglas will guide students through the creation of an original tune using the methodologies that they learn through the PULSE activities and worksheets. Students will practice creative writing in the context of writing original lyrics, and will exit the workshop with a better understanding of what makes a song stick in your head and how to create memorable melodies and lyrics. This program is designed for all students, regardless of experience.

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Community Music School provides affordable music lessons to children from low-income families for $1 per lesson. CMS is a member of the Berklee College of Music's City Music Network, which gives our students access to the PULSE online library of fun, interactive resources for the study of contemporary music. Instructor and musician Matt Douglas is a Fulbright Scholar, composer and recording artist with extensive digital music experience. As a freelance musician, Matt has produced notable recordings using woodwinds, piano, vocals and guitar. As a teacher, Matt takes a comprehensive approach to learning through performance techniques, theory and ear training. To learn about Berklee PULSE, visit

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