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STEM: The Musical

STEM: The Musical
What if your homework was to explain the universe and everything in it? In STEM: the Musical, four students are given that very task! Through them, audiences get an introduction to STEM topics in a fun, accessible way. For example, they'll see some of the various ways that math is useful in everyday life, and they'll learn how to engineer the perfect paper airplane while exploring the basic physics behind how it flies. Throughout the show, audiences are encouraged to challenge the limits of what they know using sound research techniques. By the end, the four students have learned that if you use STEM, you really can explain the universe and everything in it! In addition, one of them learns an important lesson: she is capable of following her dream of becoming a scientist – all she has to do is believe in herself. The music will leave students and teachers alike humming a tune long after it's over!

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With an inspirational message and STEM content assembled directly from Common Core and NC Essential Standards, STEM: the Musical is designed to ignite an enduring interest in science and mathematics. The mission of STEM: the Musical is to reach students early in their educational careers and inspire them by inviting them to dive into science for the pure joy of it. There are psychological barriers that lead many students to abandon the pursuit of the sciences, causing a lack of diversity in STEM professions. Another goal of STEM: the Musical is to break down these barriers and encourage all students to follow their natural curiosity in science as far as their imagination will take them!

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