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Rags To Riches theatre for young audiences

Rags To Riches theatre for young audiences
Rags to Riches Theatre for young audiences has been performing its interactive and engaging plays for young audiences for the past 23 years. We bring books to life on stage! Our plays all last about 40 minutes and will fit perfectly in to any media or art rotation. We are your field trip in a box! Our plays support the Common Core curriculum in English Language Arts Standards of speaking and listening, language, writing and helps to fulfill the standard 10 exposure to a range of text type. September through December 2017 shows available are "Jack Tales," "Old Aesop's Tales," and "Puss in Boots." "The Gingerbread Boy" opens in December and is an option along with the other three choices from the Fall. January through May 2018 shows include "Another Strand in the Web, a collection of the Ananse spider tales," "The Flying Ship," and "Little Red Riding Hood."

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Always popular, Rags to Riches Theatre for Young Audiences has been bringing its unique adaptations of familiar folk and fairy tales to young audiences in elementary schools, theaters, libraries and preschools throughout North Carolina and the eastern United States for the past 23 years. These productions of participation plays, written by Lou Peters, delight young audiences through use of comedy and engage them by asking that they provide the environment within which the actors perform. The whole audience is taught the "cues" at which times in the production they will be asked to participate as howling wolves, clocks ticking, roosters crowing, wind rushing or by providing the travel music upon which the characters move from scene to scene.

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