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"Peter Pan" on Tour!

Burning Coal Theatre Company brings schools the beloved PETER PAN by JM Barrie, in a new adaptation devised by the company! A young girl, Wendy, and her siblings are struggling with adolescence. How can they possibly make a place for themselves in this scary, adult world? Or will there never be a land in which the children can group up? Then a young boy named Peter Pan appear to Wendy along with his sidekick, Tink. Will Peter teach the children to fly? Or will he lead them straight into the clutches . . . of Hook! Burning Coal Theatre provides study guides to prepare students for the deep questions posed by the play. Schools may include a “talkback” with the cast and artistic director after the performance, which will run under one hour. Groups of 150 or less may inquire about a field trip to see the performance in Burning Coal's theatre.

Artist Background

Burning Coal Theatre Company is a professional, non-profit [501 (c) (3)] theatre company that has served the triangle for seventeen years. Its mission is to produce literate, visceral, affecting theatre that is experienced, not simply seen. Its education program has reached thousands of students over the course of its existence and emphasizes literacy, empowerment, and personal growth through the arts. The groundbreaking program SHAKESCENES, which demystifies Shakespeare's works for students, has been showcased at the State of Arts and Culture in Wake County event.

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