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Origami Hands-On Workshop

Origami Hands-On Workshop
Workshops: 3 diverse workshops are available to enrich your international arts study. Kuniko's workshops are hands-on and designed to give students a meaningful experience of Japanese arts and culture. Her study guide can be downloaded directly from her web site 1. The fascination of Japanese paper folding is explored in an ORIGAMI WORKSHOP. 2. The exciting and accessible JAPANESE MUSIC WORKSHOP helps form students' appreciation for traditional Japanese instruments and sounds. 3. MATH AND ORIGAMI combines geometry and the art of paper folding to observe lines, shapes, geometric figures, triangles, angles and symmetry. Maximum 30 students per class in a workshop.

Artist Background

Kuniko is a native of Osaka, Japan where she grew up studying and performing traditional dance, music and theater. She traveled to the United States more than 20 years ago to train with renowned mime and actor Tony Montanaro. For five years, she toured with Boston's respected Leland Faulkner Light Theater. In 1992, Kuniko moved to Florida and began performing as a solo artist in schools, museums, theaters, colleges, festivals and performing arts series across the United States. Some of the more notable venues who have presented her performances include the Philadelphia Children's Festival, The Kennedy Center (Washington DC) and the Disney Epcot Japanese Pavilion. Kuniko has been on the Florida State Touring roster for 13 years.

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