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Opera 101 / Poetry in Song

Opera 101 / Poetry in Song
Opera 101 is ideal for elementary students (K-5), and is also suitable for older students (6-12). This interactive presentation introduces students to "opera's greatest hits." Four singers, representing the main operatic voice types, perform arias, duets and ensembles from Carmen, The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro and other well-known operas. Using MadLibs, students "compose" a scene to learn about recitative, or operatic dialogue. The program concludes with "Is it Opera?"ť a quiz in which the singers present famous tunes often heard in commercial media. NC Standard Course of Study: Arts Education, Language Arts, and Second Languages. Poetry in Song is ideal for elementary students and can also be presented to older students. The poetry of Shel Silverstein, William Shakespeare, and other writers introduces children to the art song repertoire. "Art songs" are poems set to music. Students perform their poetry in improvised art song arrangements.

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North Carolina Opera is the region's only professional opera company. NCO exists to enhance the cultural life of North Carolina by presenting opera productions of the highest quality; to provide local operatic singers with training, encouragement, and opportunities to perform in leading and supporting roles; and to provide a catalyst for schools, universities, community groups, and individuals to experience and share their enthusiasm for opera. In 2013, we regularly performed to sold-out houses. Our robust education program brings the opera experience to schools in the area. For several years, NCO has successfully brought opera to school children. Two programs, "Opera 101" and "Poetry in Song," have been seen by over 20,000 students.

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