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North Carolina Lighthouse Residency

North Carolina Lighthouse Residency
Students will have the opportunity to take facts and use their imagination to create a story surrounding one of North Carolina's lighthouses. The artist will discuss time period, setting, and how to organize a story. Students will work on a setting worksheet and they will work on building strong characters, dialogue, and transitions. There will be discussion around the importance of conflict in a good story, and how it must be resolved. Students also will learn the importance of good dialogue and how it can be used to develop a character and add to a story. Once students write their rough draft, the artist will review editing skills, and students will self edit and peer edit. The writer will edit with the students and assist them. Once editing is done, students will rewrite their stories. By the end of the week students will have developed a good understanding of how history can be creative and have their own lighthouse story to add to their unit.

Artist Background

Writing and reading about history are things Diane Silcox Jarrett has enjoyed since childhood. For almost 20 years, she has written several children's non-fiction books and also written for several magazines. As a writer in residence, she enjoys working with very creative and talented students.  Diane believes all students can write, and they have such creative minds and so many ideas. She strives to help free up their creative minds by taking anxiety out of the writing process, and encourages students by letting them know that she continues to take writing courses and work on writing techniques. To her, the greatest pleasure is to see a smile come over a young writer's face when they are happy with their story.

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