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North Carolina Backyard Birds

North Carolina Backyard Birds
Imagine branches spreading across the wall of a hallway, providing homes and perching spots for birds and other creatures! Professional artists Anna Podris and Keith Norval will work with students on a collaborative project to create a colorful, site-specific installation: a relief sculpture (3D) that is flat and hangs on the wall. Students will explore drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture as they create a large tree using recycled materials, plaster, air-dry clay, and acrylic paint. The project takes shape as students collaborate on different elements and actively participate in the placement of individual pieces that come together to create a unique forest habitat. While creating the tree, they will learn to identify different NC birds, tree species, insects and snails. The experience of this project is sure to raise students’ awareness of the ecosystems in their backyards and communities. The artists will install this legacy project in the school's chosen location.

Artist Background

Anna Podris and Keith Norval, both Savannah College of Art and Design graduates, are a husband and wife art team who are very active in both the local arts scene and in art education. They have taught summer art classes for many years at Artspace, where they have their studio. They also teach at Pullen and Cary arts centers as well as the NCMA. Both are professional painters and have taught mural painting, sculpture, sewing, printmaking, bookmaking and various mixed media classes. They find that working with kids regularly helps keep them inspired in the studio. Their philosophy is to get the kids excited by giving them to tools create and the freedom to explore.;

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