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Let's Improvise Music from Scratch Workshop

Let's Improvise Music from Scratch Workshop
This fun workshop will include activities such as personal introduction using voice, body and instrument, impromptu jam, babbling, movement, duets, ensembles, and sound machines. Creating music from scratch begins with listening to the silence and expressing one sound, a unique sound of our own together. This is called One Quality Sound. By embracing the dissonance of our collective unique sounds, we can begin our journey into creating something new without fears of playing wrong notes. While students' creativity is unleashed, they also will learn to use important musical concepts like scales, melody, intervals, and harmony in music making. In a multi-day residency, students will have opportunities to explore and practice tools for improvisation in depth, culminating in a performance. The artist will supply age-appropriate instruments and also will incorporate school instruments or students' personal instruments into the program.

Artist Background

Yuri Yamamoto, a multifaceted musician and teacher, has emerged as a strong leader of group improvisation through a 4-year Music for People improvisation program. Firmly based on the philosophy that there are no wrong notes in creativity, her dynamic programs are fun, participatory and full of surprises. Using various techniques to unleash peoples' creativity, Yuri encourages participants to listen to and respect each other so that they can communicate to co-create something new. She uses piano and various instruments including body, voice and ordinary objects. Many of Yuri's inspirations come from participants, making each program unique and engaging. As a Japanese immigrant, Yuri honors and incorporates Japanese culture into her programs.

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