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Jennifer Wood Murals

Jennifer Wood Murals
During the course of the residency, students will be introduced to the notion and importance of:1) Brainstorming--idea generating 2) Sketching--rough layout and character studies 3) Collaborating--working with a group or team of students to cooperatively develop a viable idea 4) Scaling--enlarging the proposed idea to the correct size and dimensions 5) Outlining--creating a clear and precise drawing to paint in 6) Painting--filling in the designated images with paint, preferably through two stages, a broad undercoat & detailed topcoat 7) Stitching (option for quilts only)--connecting individual quilt squares with fabric. Students will learn the importance of every step in the creative process from idea formation to finishing details. Students will be team building and researching subject matter as they move through the residency. Students will be developing different skills and varying tactile experiences each day such as pencil drawing on day #1 and finger stitching on day #5.

Artist Background

Jennifer Wood has been a working artist for the past 21 years in the Raleigh, NC, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, and Washington, DC areas. Since moving to North Carolina in early 2000, her paintings adorn private homes, public spaces, and businesses. Also included are the unconventional requests from school groups, charter organizations and churches involving kids and lovers of art.

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