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BATIK Fiber Art: Students create their own individual, exciting Batiks, and develop an understanding of this success oriented, self-esteem boosting, fiber art form with both African and Indonesian roots. This unusual process involves melted wax and vibrant fabric dyes. With input from teachers, the subjects of the Batiks can be integrated with and enhance your Social Studies or Science curriculum. Students keep a journal that can meet several Language Arts requirements. Many schools use this Batik Residency year after year to become a tradition in a particular grade. There are opportunities to create an additional batik as a legacy gift that serves as a community builder for your school, with school staff, administrators and parents being encouraged to participate. Teachers are consulted to adapt the program to appropriate skill levels for grades 4-12.

Artist Background

Leni Newell is an award-winning, well-established professional artist creating strong, thought-provoking work since 1986. She holds a BA in Art Education. She has conducted popular, successful and highly sought after residencies in over 200 schools since 1993. Newell is also in the NC Arts Council's Artist Directory. Newell's work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and juried shows across the country, and can be found in numerous corporate collections. The strength of Newell's highly successful and motivating residencies comes from her love of both teaching and children, which allows her creativity to inspire students and staff alike.

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