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Balinese Shadow Puppet Theatre

Balinese Shadow Puppet Theatre
This program introduces your students to a Balinese shadow puppet play based on a beloved Indonesian folktale or Hindu epic. The presentation for PreK-2nd grade students emphasizes Science and Mathematics. They will review the names of basic shapes through shadow play, practice counting, and explore basic scientific knowledge. The program for 3rd-5th grade students focuses on Social Studies. They will learn about Bali; geography and cultural values that are reflected in its shadow puppet theatre. The students will be also introduced to shadow puppets from different Asian countries. This program aligns with Common Core State and North Carolina Essential Standards. The accompanying Study Guide provides lesson plans, pre/post show activities and resources. Surapsari is available for teaching pre/post show lessons and puppet making workshop, which make this one time in-school performance into a multiple session residency with more learning and enrichment.

Artist Background

Surapsari presents dance, drama and shadow puppetry from Japan, India and Bali, where she has lived and cultivated intimate relationships with the local arts and cultures. Born in Japan, she grew up immersed in rich traditional arts of that country. She was particularly drawn to Kagura, the centuries-old mask dance and drama from Shinto shrines. She studied this ancient art with Osamu Wakayama, the lineage holder for the Wakayama school of Kagura, which is designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan. Surapsari also has lived in Bali for more than 15 years and mastered dance, drama and shadow puppetry. Additionally she has studied Bharatanatyam Indian dance in the U.S. and India. Surapsari has performed internationally.

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