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African Trickster Tales

African Trickster Tales
This performance shares two Anansi stories: Tug-of-War and A Story, A Story. These stories come from the Asante of Western Africa, near where Ghana is today. This performance is great for language arts tie-ins with memorable characters, a clear plot, and guaranteed smiles. Learning to "read" the text of a story in this visual way slyly supports literacy skills (and the students will never even know!).This is our most popular show in February, as it celebrates Black History Month!

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We love performing for schools audiences! Barefoot Puppet Theatre's award-winning performances have thrilled audiences throughout the country and into Canada since 1997. Our touring programs feature imaginative scripts, innovative staging, original music, beautifully crafted puppets, and fun! Programs augment curriculum in many subject areas, and a Footnotes Learning Guide accompanies each show. Customized residency programs and workshops are able to blend science, literature, and/or writing with theatre for a complete hands-on learning experience. Our performers are always thrilled to share more about puppetry during post-show discussions and regularly give backstage tours to groups.

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